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Posted by Trainboy1EJR - May 5th, 2013

Art War was originally suppose to be a weekly deal, but then my friend surrendered. if anyone wants to take up the challenge i would be glad to compete with you. i still have one last picture to draw for art war, but without the competition i lack the drive to make it in a timely manner. next drawing is favorite anime character, i chose vegita.
Art War rules- someone chooses a subject for the week, then competitors draw what they want on a sheet of paper, then take a picture of the drawing and upload it. please message me if you think this would be fun.

Posted by Trainboy1EJR - April 21st, 2013

i now have 4 drawings up to show you! too bad i uploaded the first two at 8 megapixels and the second two at 4 megapixels. i'll try one at 2 megapixels and another at 3 megapixels, that should help me find a good resolution to upload at. actually i probably only need 2 megapixels, my work doesn't really have insane detail to show off. Edit: changed "megs" to "megapixels", just in case someone got confused by the wording.

Posted by Trainboy1EJR - April 15th, 2013

i have started submitting some of my art! it will all be black and white sketches, because that's all i have experience with. i only and the time to take one art class in high school, drawing 1, i think i'm a descent artist now. any advice would be appreciated, i know where my flaws are, primarily shading on people. i'll consider this a learning experience. hopefully i become awesome as a result of all the advice i will get!

Posted by Trainboy1EJR - February 18th, 2013

i think it's about time i submit some of my drawings here, i only took 1 art class so they probably aren't the best. it will probably be difficult to get good pictures of what i drew, so i'll think about it later.

Posted by Trainboy1EJR - July 5th, 2011

hi guys, i'm new here, but if you need voice acting, i'd love to help, i have a great microphone that i use for gaming, but i haven't done voice acting before, so yeah, just want to say hi.