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So many references and so much detail! The ship's bridge even looks like AKU!

THIS is why I come back on Newgrounds once a year or so to see what my old favorites have done! Great job on the shadow play for the samurai jack fight. The voice acting sounded better than usual here. Well done!

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RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks, i'm glad you like it! The part with the ship's bridge looking like Aku was a coincidence but definitely a happy one!

couldn't be more true, you should have one public profile(to help persuade people you aren't a monster like everyone who met you says you are), and one profile for your very best friends, make sure to never let the two mix, otherwise you get arrested/suspended because you play video games, watch youtube videos, and share a newgrounds cartoon or two, depending on what age you are the legal consequences are different. remember, only people on the internet can be your very best friends, all local people are out to ruin you and eliminate you by backstabbing you for any reason (like if you are taller, stronger, and better looking than all the other guys in town), never trust anyone you meet in person, especially in a small town.
it is also important to note that some employers will not hire you if you don't have a facebook, those companies believe you are trying to hide something and that makes you danger to society in their eyes. so it is good to have that fake facebook with your real name to deceive those type of people. the only way to survive in real life is to be as fake as everyone else.

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ADASport responds:

That's a good point!

yep, that is how it is played! the only problem with your flash is that it does not have a replay button. you could do one about the felyns in MHFU that do 500,000+ damage per hit, you have to love the super cats! let one loose on kirin, your day is made! knock out a narga in 1 hit!

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the simplicity of this game is incredible, it has significantly longer campaign than most iphone games. sadly based on a true story, amazingly made and uploaded the same day it happened. you definitely deserve 5 stars for how good this game is. easiest 85 metal points ever! lol at the irs building having a smiley face before the crash and a frowny face after.

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i just love finding an awesome older song, heard it in rainbow road epic, had to listen to the full version. great song, dude!

this is totally professional! it completely deserves front page! i dug out my good headphones once i started listening to this song. this is beyond amazing!

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it is interesting, it will need some work, but as you say this is just a preview, can't wait to hear the finished version. could be more rave-ish? 0:25 on was great.

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it feels like that ship has more detail to show, that is at 2 megapixel, right? probably would have been appropriate to upload at 3 megs? the transition from map to action scene is very interesting.

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